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Ink Brush Painting

 Japanese ink brush painting brisbane

The Brisbane Budo Kai Kan is offering beginners classes in Japanese Ink Brush Painting.

Cost: $35 per class, plus materials, if you commit to four classes or more. ($40 to be paid at first class, remainder on the second)

One off classes are $40 per class.

When: Saturday afternoons, from 2.00 - 4.00 p.m.

Where: Brisbane Budo Kai Kan, 82 Merivale Street, South Brisbane.

Suibokuga or Sumi-e painting has its origins in ancient China, but has been practiced in Japan since the eighth century. By the fourteenth century it had been adopted as one of the Zen arts.

Using only black ink and infinite shades of grey, the artwork aims to capture the essence of its subject in simple expressionistic forms.

The classes focus on, but are not limited to, bamboo painting and are be taught by Yumiko Kigoshi.

Yumiko is a member of the Kokusai Bokugakai and has been studying suibokuga for over ten years, as well as being an accomplished practicitoner of shodo with  eighteen years of experience.

To register, or if you would like more information,

please phone: 0433 552 562 or email aiki@warriorway.net

 Japanese ink brush painting brisbane



0433 552 562






suibokuga brisbane


suibokuga brisbane


suibokuga brisbane